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Merry Christmas To All!!!!!!!!!

I flippin love Christmas, you have no idea.

Lindsey got some amazing presents, I was so, so totally satisfied. And I loved giving my family gifts, too. It was awesome. I realized today how much I actually love my family. With the exception of Joe, they're all awesome. Especially my cousins. We get along so well now. A few years ago we barely spoke, and now we're like best friends.

So I know, I know...What did I get, right?? Well let me tell you, I was definitely NOT disappointed. Lots of beautiful clothes and jewlrey, obviously (the essential girl items), and for me, the absolute movie queen, about 100 DVDs. Well okay not quite, but a lot: Mean Girls, Rules of Attraction, Edward Scissorhands (Special Edition, mind you), Love Actually, and Ladder 49. A beautiful, beautiful art kit from my cousin Andrew. The Narnia soundtrack. My cousin Andrew's California license plate to go on my car (when I actually get my license)!!!! My Johnny Depp backpack, along with a Johnny Depp book, and Johnny Depp magnets (my aunt knows I'm obsessed with him, obviously). Socks, obviously, and some Harry Potter pins. Oh and a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory t-shirt from Hot Topic that ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF. Some glittery shoes that are amazing. To add to my collection of glittery, awesome ballet slippers. A purse to match those. A big, hot belt. And.....the best gift of all time......AN IPOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't officially received the iPod yet because, well, here goes the story: my aunt knew me and my cousin Holly both wanted iPods, which would have totalled her about $600-$700. Which is a heck of a lot. So instead she got us both gift cards for for $100. So that way we could pick out the kind we wanted, and we could personalize it and all that good stuff. And we had to pay for the rest of it. Which doesn't bother me since I got about $200 from my grandparents. Which covers that. So I picked out the brand spankin' new kind, and it's beautimus. I can get up to 7,500 songs on the biotch. And I can get TV shows....more specifically LOST!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! I already bought a few episodes (for $1.99 on iTunes) so I can instantly put them on it. Heeeheee, GO ME, right??!?!? And I can get Alias and The OC on there too!! Hopefully soon I'll be able to get Grey's Anatomy. That would ROCK.

So I'm SO FLIPPIN HAPPY. My iPod will be here in about a day because I did the fast shipping. So I should get it probably about Tuesday, maybe Wednesday. Maybe tomorrow if it decides to go fast. Just as long as I get it before Andrew leaves. Because I don't know how to work anything.


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So is everyone in the Christmas spirit? I sort of am, I guess. Christmas is always a confusing time for me. Because it never actually feels like Christmas on Christmas anymore. And I'm constantly losing Christmas spirit because I have to spend so much friggin money on presents...and I'm not even the one buying all of the big presents. I truly feel sorry for all parents out there that have to buy tons and tons of presents. Money ain't cheap.

I absolutely LOVE the website IMDB. It's like the best place in the world to get info on movies. I've been surfing the message boards all day, and let me tell you, it's fun. I've discovered some new movies I'd lurve to see like The Hills Have Eyes - which looks creepy and disturbing - and Superman Returns, because, well, that just looks good.

I have to start getting ready at about 5:30 or so for Christmas Eve mass tonight. I love church on Christmas Eve, it's actually a lot of fun. We have to get really dressed up and then go and watch the entire thing, and then we come home and have dinner with our close family friends, and then go to bed, and wake up early and open presents, then go to my grandma's house in Caro, and then come home and be happy.

It's the same every year, and I actually really love it. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!! HECK YEAH.

Tonight's the Night

I feel kind of bad because I lied to my dad tonight and told him I have to work Friday so I can't go to his house, when in reality, it's a spree party night, which I just flat-out refuse to miss. So it's been kind of bothering me now, but whatever. I'll get over it.

I have to work from 1:30-close tomorrow. Or today rather since it's midnight right now. Geesh. But anyway, 1:30-close is a very long time to be at work. I'll probably get out at like 10 or 11. Unless there are no late shows tomorrow, in which case I'll get out at about 7 or 8. Which is still too long to work. I'll have to eat Dairy Queen tomorrow -- I really have no choice. Darn.

Yesterday was the drama party. That actually was okay. Not LOADS of fun, but still a pretty good time. Thank God for Kelsey's mom, who took us out for Big Boy. Otherwise I would have had to eat sloppy joes, which I don't really adore too much. Then I stayed the night at Steph's. Good fun, as always. We watched Moulin Rouge, which has to be one of the best movies ever. I loves it. And of course I'll be in the Fetting household again on Friday for spree party madness. I might as well just move in.

I'm watching my Lost DVDs right now. The bonus features to be more exact. To be even more exact, the segment on Driveshaft. DOM IS SO HOTT, you have no idea. I want to marry Charlie.

I'm fairly tired. I'll continue with my Driveshaft, but then I'm off to bed. These cats are driving me INSANE.

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Icons, Icons, Icons

I finally, finally am making an icon post because I finally, finally can actually make them! It took a while, yes, I know. But I've been training myself. And for a first real attempt, I think they're pretty good. Not to be modest or anything, I'm just proud of myself for finally being able to do them.

I have a fairly large post, but nothing TERRIBLY huge or anything. I have some random Lost as well as some Dom/Evie, some Walk the Line, and some Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Expect a Brokeback Mountain one sometime soon, I just don't have the time right this second.



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Hottest Thing EVER

Happy Birthday Jake Gyllenhaal...Big 25 today. <<<<I LOVE THAT MAN. He is SO HOTT.

In celebration, I'll post just about the hottest thing EVER, although mind you, if you're against gay people, you may find it slightly disturbing. I, however, find it MUY SEXY.

It may not load quickly on your computer, but let it go a few minutes, and I promise you won't be disappointed. At least, not if you think the prospect of Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger macking on each other is is hot. Which I do. Sorry if that affends anyone.


Our band concert tonight pretty much blew. I sucked up stupid "Russian Christmas Carol". I hold a note for 12 measures..I could barely breathe afterwards. It sucked. But it was still okay because I decided tonight that I was going to be in choir next year. Instead of math. GO ME. They need the help, seriously. I hope Mr. H lets me sing soprano if I'm in it. I'm naturally a better alto, but the sopranos need some serious, serious help. When they sang tonight, they did good, considering the number of people in there, but they just really need some more UMPH.

So only three more weeks until Lost. Kind of.

My aunt is in Chicago right now, and I ENVY HER BEYOND BELIEF. I'm stuck here with my uncle and sister. As wonderfully excited as I am about that (please, please sense the sarcasm in that), I need to get out of this house. Thank God for Stephanie or I think I may die. She's letting me stay at her place tomorrow. Since it's our last day of school before break and all. And we have a drama party. Which means I'm skipping my party at work to go to my party for drama. GO ME. Heehee, Steph has to go an hour early because she's an "officer". LMAO!!! Have fun, beyotch. I'll stay with Kelsey and be lazy. Anything to get me out of my severely empty house without my aunt. Oh yeah, and Steph: we NEED to go see King Kong. Sometime this week. Seriously. Or maybe next...I took off work until the 28th, so you know, 26th, 27th....Not 28th though. Gotta go see Narnia with Countryside.

I finished my research paper tonight. GO ME!!! It's about 6 pages, 7 with work cited, which I think I did wrong.

This is so unbelievably long.

Livejournal expanded our pictures. We can have six now instead of three. WOOT. I'm busy to work on filling those babies up. But I'll keep one open, just in case I find an icon I absolutely cannot live without. Which will happen. Surely. It always, always does.

I'm going now. Before this gets so long that it takes up like four pages. I'm boring myself to sleep, anyway.

I'm gonna go read "Brokeback Mountain". I found the short story online. It better rock hardcore. And make me cry. Because I LOVE stories like that.

Oh and gotta credit __iwritesins for that little flash movie. THANKS

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The song that melts my heart...

If any of you single guys out there reading this want to know a way into my heart, just sing me the song "Delicate" by Damien Rice...acapella, or with guitar, I don't care. I've listening to it all day and let me tell you, it made me cry twice. Yes, I'm that big of a softie.

It's really just the chorus that gets to me. It swells up into this really, really beautiful song. The last repeat of the chorus when it really swells and his voice kind of goes hoarse. Ahh, it's enough to make me fall in love right then.

I know I've praised this song endlessly on livejournal, but I'm serious, it's just THAT amazing. If you have the abilities, download it. Right now. Damien Rice, I love you man.

Also, it helps that it was on Lost. That makes it just that much better.

Some boy better sing it to me someday. I'll be waiting. Don't make me wait too long.

ps: Joaquin would sing it to me, but he has pneomnia. He promises to make up for it later ;)

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I got my Christmas shopping finished yesterday!!! GO ME, GO ME!!! It rocks hardcore. I think I deserve a medal or something. And I actually managed to get pretty good gifts for everyone. Including myself, because I must say, we went to Charlotte Russe (which is, like, the pimpest store ever) and I bought myself a pimp belt. Oh and I was there as my aunt bought me stuff for Christmas. I showed her all of this stuff at Wet Seal that I adored, and she just got it as I was there. Which didn't matter much to me, because I now know that I will be getting some very lovely jewlrey and a majorly amazing big-buckled belt that I've been wanting since forever.

She also got me a Johnny Depp backpack. I almost wet myself. It's gorgeous.

I know, I know, another new layout. But this one I really, really love. I made the header myself, too. I love photoshop, seriously. I'm not very good, but I still always have fun making stuff.

And also a new mood theme. I think this Evangeline Lilly one really goes well with the whole page now. Plus, LOVE HER. She's awesome.

My aunt has a big contata at church today that like my whole family is going to. Which kind of sucks because I just woke up about a half an hour ago, and this thing is in about two hours, and I smell. I need to bathe. But I'm too lazy. I'm home alone right now which rocks majorly. Holly and her boyfriend will be here soon, as will my uncle and sister. I must say, being home alone is much too much fun. I'll miss it severely.

I need to go check the net for some hot boy pictures. Because that's what I do when I'm bored.

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Golden Globe Nominations

I'm a complete celebrity-sucker, and also a HUGE movie fan, so of course, since today the Golden Globe nominations were announced, I almost pissed myself. The Golden Globes (second only to the Oscars) is like the ultimate. They're kind of like pre-Oscars, only with TV nominations as well. Oh and two categories for films - Drama and then Comedy/Musicals. So therefore there's a broader range. I found the list of nominees and stuff online and am UBER excited because Lost got 3 nominations!!!

Anyway, since I'm bored and feel like it, I'm going to predict who I think is gonna win in all of the categories (mind you, only the important categories, because I don't give a rip about Best Original Song and crap like that. You can guess yourself on that.) I'll list all of the movies, and it caps, I'll put who I want to win, or who I think will win.

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BTW: I got my braces off today!!! I'm so hot now, you have no idea. It's amazing. I have CLEAN TEETH. AHHHHHHHHHH. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself.


We had a snow day today!!!! IT WAS WONDERFUL. I slept in until noon, then went to set construction at the high school, then came home, saw my grandma, and me, her, and my sister went to eat Chinese and...

I get to go see Narnia tonight at 9:30, and I'm tres excited!!

What a PERFECT DAY!!!!

I went to set construction for only about a half an hour. It was actually kind of fun. I had to "bunch wood" with King Scotty, which was pretty funny. Mostly we just had fun saying that we were "bunching wood"... it made us laugh pretty hard. Heehee..drama's fun like that sometimes. Even though pretty much everyone in it is slightly perverted.

I'm pretty excited for our performance tomorrow, although mostly nervous. Not really for myself because I know all of my lines and everything I'm supposed to do. It's mostly for everyone that hasn't the slightest what they're doing. Because let me tell you, we haven't had one audition yet where everyone was there, so it should be slightly interesting to see how that works. Oh well, even if it sucks, at least I get to throw a pie in David's face :D That makes everything worth it again.

My grandma gave me my birthday/Christmas presents today. OMG I <3 her so much now!!! (Not that I didn't before, of course). She got me the entire Star Wars trilogy on DVD (full screen, too, which made me excited), the first season of Laguna Beach on DVD, the special edition of Gladiator on DVD, a nice new jacket and some shirts, these really cool earrings, a new CD player, an absolutely beautiful vintage purse with butterflies and beads all over it, this funky cool bookmark thing, and she had some gifts from my aunt Nancy for me: a pretty sweater and scarf. I tell you what, I'll look cute at the theater tonight :)

I wish Kels could go with us :( Kelsey, I'm sad!!!

I need to talk to Kate, I was supposed to be going with her tonight, but now that Steph is going, me and my aunt are going to get her and then we're all going. So I'll have to meet her up there. Katie if you're reading this, I'll see you there sweetie.

Gosh, lots of us are going tonight: Me, Steph, Katie, David, Scott, Katelyn, and then probably about a billion others. I haven't read the book since like elementary school, but I have the old cartoon on video and I've seen that about a trillion times. I just hope it's good. It got a "B" at Yahoo Movies, which is usually what a so-so movie is. OMG Brokeback Mountain got an "A". I haven't seen a movie get an "A" EVER. Even Lord of the Rings got an "A-". It's crazy stuff. So Brokeback Mountain must be AMAZING. I can't wait, seriously.

I still can't get enough of this Walk the Line soundtrack. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

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